Thank you for your interest in becoming a Royal Lily Fashion Ambassador at Cozy Calla Lily Boutique.

How it works:

  • Cozy Calla Lily Boutique will send a curated style-box containing a few different styles of clothing and accessories that will be featured and promoted by the Royal Lily Ambassador.

  • Cozy Calla Lily’s Royal Lily’s will be required to promote Cozy Calla Lily Boutique on their Instagram account and tag us in your pictures when you’re wearing or promoting @cozycallalily

  • Cozy Calla Lily’s ambassadors will be given a unique, trackable coupon code and link to be used in posts and link platforms (i.e. LinkTree)

  • Purchases made through the unique trackable coupon code / link will allow ambassadors to earn 10% commissions on all valid sales that happen within a 30-day purchase window of the link being clicked. Earned commissions will be paid monthly via Paypal.

  • Royal Lily Ambassadors will be required to promote the provided product within 24-36hrs from receiving the items and then return the items using a pre-paid shipping label. Ambassadors who successfully complete the task will be given the option to purchase any of the products they receive at a discounted rate of 40%. As a requirement, ambassadors will also need to create a Cozy Calla Lily account and have a valid credit card on file in case of failure to return the products which will then lead to being charged full price for all of the items.


  • Public Instagram account with at least 800 followers and a 2% average post engagement rate.

  • Promote Cozy Calla Lily with at least 2 Instagram posts per month – you must tag us in your pictures, wearing Cozy Calla Lily clothing and/or accessories.

  • Promote Cozy Calla Lily through your Instagram Stories at least 4 times per month (2 stories must be your original content, 2 stories can be re-shared from the Cozy Calla Lily Instagram account).

  • Spread social awareness through the use of discount codes, promotions, and more.

  • Follow and adhere to all current FTC guidelines and disclosures for affiliate and influencer type posts.

  • Create engaging positive content that reflects the Cozy Calla Lily brand and style professionally, ethically and properly.

  • Look and Feel Great and Have Fun Doing Something You Love.

Your Rewards:

  • 40% off personal discount at our store that can be use 2x a month

  • A personalized and trackable discount code and link for you to use in your posts.

  • Curated style-boxes filled with product for promotion and review

  • Possibility to be featured on the Cozy Calla Lily website and social media

  • 10% Commission on all sales using your code / link with a 30-day tracking window.

Interested applicants can apply to the Cozy Calla Lily ambassador program at any time. We are continually reviewing applications for the program and will contact you if we are interested. 

Interested?  Apply Now

Tips and Tricks to Earn the MOST

  1. Take GOOD quality photos! Find a sunny place to take a photo or a place with lots of bright lighting. Don’t filter the colors of the garments. If you use a filter please be sure that the colors of the garment are the same.

  2. Post Often! The more you post, the more you’ll have the chance to earn! I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now BUT there’s a way to enhance your posts, find out what’s the best time to post and on what days by checking it out on google. This way you can maximize your audience! If you post at say 2am on a Monday that post isn’t going to get much attention since most of us are sleeping.

  3. Tell people about the product in your post. Tell them what you loved about it! The way it feels, how to pair it with shoes, other ways it can be worn, and maybe how it fits. Sometimes items run larger or smaller than the size suggests.

  4. HAVE FUN! After all, it’s just a fun way to earn some followers, earn some cash, and get some discounts! 

  5. We want to make sure that you truly love us and following us on social media is very important @cozycallalily 

  6. Make sure your Instagram account is always public.

  7. Posting fun, energetic, positive content on IG is a must

  8. A love for fashion, a drive to earn, and a passion to grow personally and professionally. 

Interested?  Apply Now

Cozy Calla Lily Boutique reserves the right to cancel or modify an ambassador agreement at any time. Ambassadors that do not adhere to the promotional terms and expectations of service mentioned above or are found to be abusing their personal discount will be terminated. If you have questions or concerns you may contact,

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