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Hey There! My name is Melanie and I’m a fashion lover! I had been drawing “figures” since I was in high school. Dreaming of the day I would finally become a successful boutique owner, envisioning my unique “style” and incorporate that into every day ready to wear.

My “dream” came to a pause when I decided to get married and grow a family! Wow, who knew children were so life demanding (insert chuckle). I should also note, I’ve come from a long family line of sarcasm. Fast forward 14 years and we’re FINALLY out of the diaper phase and into “somewhat” independence. My dream of owning my own boutique still was in my mind. I would have that “incomplete” feeling and deep down I knew it was about my passion.

Before marriage, I went to college and obtained my fashion merchandising degree. That was not easy with a 3-month-old! It took longer than anticipated but the feeling of accomplishment is always worth the wait. I was accepted into LIM (laboratory institute of Merchandising), my dream college in NYC. Then I met my darling husband Allen and well, I didn’t make it to NYC. Darn boys!

Marriage, 3 kids, and moving completely out of state...from NJ to NC….and I STILL want my “own” boutique. I owe it to myself! I’m doing this and I couldn’t be more excited! 

I hope you will LOVE my products as much as I do! I put hours of my time researching for the cutest items to put into your closets (and mine) while maintaining affordability. Our line is boho/chic, classic, trendy, feminine, and affordable. If this sounds like you then we may just become best friends!

Welcome to Cozy Calla Lily and I look forward to being your personal shopping concierge. Thanks for stopping by, oh and if you’re local come by and visit me!

You’ll get to meet me and if you’re lucky maybe even one or two of my kids! 

Thanks for shopping!


Melanie - Cozy Calla Lily

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