Who wouldn't LOVE to get paid to SHOP? Earning money while showing off your new clothing and or accessories, I mean... where do I sign right? We've created this program so anyone can join and start earning commission from your direct link sales!  You don't need to be 20 years old and under, a size 0, and future model of america (although that's amazing too) to promote the Cozy Calla Lily Boutique and earn. Everyone with a love of Chic, Trendy and Uniquely Beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories should be able to earn as a fashion ambassador! We are women of all ages and color. We want to promote the Cozy Calla Lily Boutique as an everyday woman brand! People want to see what YOU look like in the clothing! The program is so easy to track on your commissions and just a selfie a day could have you earning some serious moulah!

Our Affiliate Program Features Include:

  • 8%-10% of commission on all sales which is based on sales volume
  • 60 Day Cookie - Get commission on orders within 60 Days of the original click
  • Average Order Size $70.00usd
  • Access to banners, discount codes and more
  • Payouts made via PayPal on 2nd of each month

    Our Expectations as a Fashion Ambassador

    • We expect that you will proudly represent our brand and products in a professional way

    • Help us to promote our brand and help current and prospective customers find the perfect products for them.

    • Earn commissions as a fashion ambassador of the Cozy Calla Lily Boutique for doing something you love! 

    Tips and Tricks to Earn the MOST

    1. Take GOOD quality photos! Find a sunny place to take a photo or a place with lots of bright lighting. Don’t filter the colors of the garments. If you use a filter please be sure that the colors of the garment are the same.

    2. Post Often! The more you post, the more you’ll have the chance to earn! I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now BUT there’s a way to enhance your posts, find out what’s the best time to post and on what days by checking it out on google. This way you can maximize your audience! If you post at say 2am on a Monday that post isn’t going to get much attention since most of us are sleeping.

    3. Tell people about the product in your post. Tell them what you loved about it! The way it feels, how to pair it with shoes, other ways it can be won, and maybe how it fits. Sometimes items run larger or smaller than the size suggests.

    4. HAVE FUN! After all, it’s just a fun way to earn some followers, earn some cash, and get some discounts! 

    Are you an influencer or blogger with a large engaged audience?  Learn more about our fashion ambassador influencer program.


    Violations of TOS or not representing the Cozy Calla Lily in a professional manner can be a cause for termination of your affiliate account. Affiliate Program Approvals, Suspensions and Termination are at the sole discretion of the Cozy Calla Lily Boutique.  Fashion Ambassadors of the Cozy Calla Lily are not employed by CCL.
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